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MGTOW obsessed by sex

It strikes me how many MGTOW are hung up on sex. Some just cannot shut up about porn, hookers, sex dolls and pumping and dumping. There is nothing inherently wrong with sex – make no mistake – but should it be the focus of a man who is going his own way?

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How To Overcome Fear

Are you ashamed of your fears? Well, so am I. Or rather: so was I. As men we are often told that who should not be fearful. “Stop being afraid!” my old man always used to tell me. However, that was a bit counter productive, because now I was afraid of being afraid. What can we truly do about fear?

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A Guide To Anger & Red Pill Rage

The Red Pill rage is a common phenomenon after the veil is lifted and the harsh reality is exposed. But anger is a very destructive emotion which can truly sabotage your path to a better life. In this series I will talk about ways to deal with anger.

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Why You Should Self-Improve And Not Self-Repair

Self-improvement is the great thing everyone talks about today. Self-raparation is not. Are you truly impoving yourself or just repairing your gear?

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